We, at Quirky Invitations, have joined hands with Neerukku Nandri, a “gratitude to water” movement, and 50% of our profits would go directly to Neerukku Nandri. 
Through our collaboration with Neerukku Nandri, you, as our client, shall also be playing a significant part in this wonderful revolution.  
Why are we doing this? 
Water gave birth to all life, and since the beginning of time, water has been nourishing us. In fact, every one is a ‘water’ being - our bodies are made up of 70% water. Our very existence is dependent on Water. The entire world will come to a standstill if we do not have Water even for a single day!
Water is a living being, and Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has proven that water has emotions. Just like SHE shows back our reflection, she reflects the emotions of her user. She is constantly in connection with the collective water conscious across the world. Our ancestors recognized this and, across religions, everyone revered her. However, with the advancement of civilization, we have moved away from her. We have forgotten our emotional connect with her, and it is making us destructive towards her. We are doing a dis-service to our great mother. She is being neglected, and she is giving us the same. 
“Love and gratitude are fundamental to the phenomenon of life.” Gratitude is a divine feeling. And, gratitude to water is even more divine, and it is the key to health, wealth and prosperity. Our lives and even businesses can flourish if we are thankful to water. In this age of water scarcity and crises, it is time we rekindle our close relationship with water. Let us re-connect with our Mother, Water, through love and gratitude and go back to her nourishing lap.
What is Neerukku Nandri?
Neerukku Nandri is Coimbatore based Dakshina Foundation’s flagship program - a “gratitude to water” campaign which is dedicated at taking the above truths about water to as many people as possible. It intends to revolutionize our approach towards water. It seeks to bring people back to water and to re-establish a beautiful mutual relationship with her. This is being carried out through mass awareness campaigns at multiple places including (a) schools, colleges and other educational institutions; (b) industrial, business, profession based and farmer collectives/associations and (c) residential associations.
How can you contribute?
By virtue of being our valued client, you are contributing to this great cause.
Thank You
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