In the millennial world, major transactions happen with our smartphone. It is a perfect way to share your happy news along with a customized invite card with your close circles instantly. Inviting a large group of friends is a breeze when you have the e-invite.
Let us look at the steps involved real quick.
1. Your Choice
It’s your big day. Depending on the type of wedding and the rituals of your wedding, you can choose an appropriate wedding invite from our ever growing custom invite collections. You can share your choice of the invite with us.
2. Our Quote
The pricing for e-invites is very simple. An einvite costs Rs 2,500/-. For e.g: If your invite suite contains separate cards for Mehendi and Reception, each card will be charged with the above costs. Based on your choice, we will share an official quote with you.
3. Payment and Content
Once you are ok with our quote, we require full upfront payment as the next stage is the delivery. Each invite has content placeholders that will be replaced with your information like name, date, place and timings of the wedding and rituals.
4. Delivery
We will add the given content to the invite and share the final file as a soft copy with the resolution of W 608px x 1080px as a jpeg with 100 dpi. Your wedding invite is now ready to share.
Ready to get started :
If you have gone through the above steps and ready to get started, here is what needs to be done next.
1. Go through the invite collection here and copy the name of the invitation card that you like.
2. Fill out this request quote form by giving your personal details and pasting the name of the invitation in the “Card Name” column.
3. We will provide you with our quote and banking information.
4. Post payment, we will collect the required information needed to customize the card.
5. We will customize the invite and share the high-resolution e-copy of your invite to your email. You can download the same and share it with your networks.
Note: Whatsapp always compresses images when it is shared and hence the resolution may vary from what you receive an email and what you share on WhatsApp.  Click Here to Download the sample einvite to check the original resolution on your Smartphone.
Note: ⒸQuirky Invitations Text will be watermarked at the right bottom corner of the e-invites will not be removed. You can check out the watermark placement in the above sample einvite.
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