Every wedding is unique in its own way and your dream wedding deserves a custom wedding invite tailor-made portraying the essence of your magical day.
Our process for creating tailor-made invitations is tailor-made too. Here goes the stages of the same before we start the actual design project.
1. Your Expectations
It’s your wedding day and you would’ve had dreams on how it will be. Translate your dreams into words and share it with us. Send us a detailed brief on the style and theme of the wedding and the events - Reception, Sangeet, Mehendi etc and their styles too. Surprise us with inside information about your wedding and we will give wings to your thoughts visually.
2. Printing Budgets
The size of the card decides the design freedom and it has to be decided along with the budgets for printing. Depending on the number of wedding rituals, the card size or the number of cards may vary and our design will be tailor-made according to that. You are free to engage with your preferred printers to get the printing done or we can do it for you as well for a custom fee.
3. Pick a Style
You can pick a style of illustration from the variety of illustration styles we are great at. We can also help you choose depending on the type of your wedding. This style you pick will be the style in which your wedding invite will be tailor-made. We are proud to have mastered a wide array of art forms that will give you one of the kind invites.
4. Wedding Attire
We would require your inputs on your wedding attire. Any visual references of the same would be helpful for your invitation. For certain invitations, portraying the couple in their traditional wedding attire gives the card, a more personalized touch. And yes, we will keep it a secret.
5. Quote
Based on your preferences made above, we will provide you with an itemized quote for the tailor-made invitation design. Once the quote is approved, we would require a 50% advance fee before we get our design process kickstarted.
Design Process takes 15 to 20 Working Days
After we start the project, here goes the stages of the process.
1. Doodles
We will present you with the illustration in the form of doodles. This will help you to understand the way we have conceived the invite card. We would require your approval to move ahead to the next stage.
2. Outline
The doodles take shape into a proper outline and it will give you a picture of how the layout and the elements in the invite card will look. This will be in black and white and will be presented for your approval.
3. Design
It’s time to bring the colours to the party. The design of the invitation reaches the final stage with colours inline with the theme of the wedding. This is the penultimate stage before the printing and we will share the same for your view.
4. Printing
We are now ready to send the source designs for printing. We would require the final 50% payment before the printing process. If you have a preferred printer, we will deliver the source files or we can print the invitations and deliver it to you at an additional cost.
Feel free to write to us in case of any clarifications. We are all set to start your tailor-made wedding invite and we are just a ‘hello’ away.
5. Pricing
Tailor Made Invite design pricing starts from Rs 20,000 - Rs 50,000/- (Per Illustration / Insert / Event)
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